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DJ Eric Visa is a dynamic force in the electronic music landscape, known for his unparalleled ability to seamlessly weave together diverse beats and create an immersive sonic experience. With a keen sense of musical artistry, Eric Visa crafts sets that transcend traditional boundaries, taking the audience on a thrilling journey through sound. His technical prowess is matched only by his infectious energy on stage, captivating crowds with each carefully curated track. DJ Eric Visa is a maestro of the turntables, leaving an unforgettable imprint on the music scene with his distinctive style and an electrifying presence that keeps the dance floor alive.

Runway 7 Fashion

Producer of New York Fashion Week

My company has sponsored a 4,000 person social event for many years.  We were fortunate enough to hire Eric to DJ the event 8 years ago and he's been fantastic - that's why he's now performed at the event for us each year since!  He has an amazing ability to read the crowd, to create an amazing vibe and a fun atmosphere, and to get the crowd dancing.  He accomplishes this without being too loud or overbearing so that our attendees can enjoy conversations, as well. We couldn't have been happier to connect with Eric and our attendees love him.  We hope to continue to work with him for many years to come. 


For the last five years, we've also hired Eric's company, Eychenne Creative Audio, to provide the lighting and sound equipment for the event.  His work in this regard has really added an extra element to the event.  Moreover, he's easy to work with, super-responsible and responsive, and always on time, so when it comes to our biggest event of the year, I know that the music and sound and lighting are things that I don't have to concern myself with, once I've made one phone call to Eric. 


Eric has my highest recommendation.


Jeff Strank


NetParty, LLC







[Some] years ago I hired Eric to DJ for a dance party to benefit the Harlem Educational Activities Fund, a New York-based nonprofit that helps disadvantaged kids prepare for college. He did such a great job that I hastened to book him for the 2nd annual party, and I hope he'll be free to DJ  for the 3rd annual, this coming spring. Our parties bring together all ages groups, from 25 to 50, and Eric knows to mix up the music to get us all out on the dance floor. And he's responsive during the event. Unlike DJs who arrogantly play on the music they want to play, Eric knows YOU are the customer. If you request a song he'll play it (assuming he has it--which he usually does). He was in every way a professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Eric for any event requiring a DJ.


Alexandra Alger









You were one of the most gracious, attentive, and professional vendors that we worked with. We received not several, but dozens of compliments on our DJ - not just for the music selection and awesomely fun atmosphere you created, but also because of your personality and interactions with our guests.  It was truly a pleasure working (and partying) with you, and we hope that there will be more opportunities to get together.  Please let us know if you are continuing at Essex and/or have any other special gigs we should check out!


Thank you again and hope you enjoy your summer!!  All the best,


Chris & Sandy







I would highly highly HIGHLY recommend using Eric for your wedding. He was INSTRUMENTAL in making our reception a complete success. To give you some background, we hired Eric as both the DJ and MC for our wedding, and we had a salsa band as well. The plan was to have Eric and the band alternate playing music for most of the night (with the night starting and ending with Eric). Our reception site lost power for over an hour during our reception, which totally threw off our schedule for the night (no fault of Eric's - a transformer was damaged, and the entire town was without power).


Eric handled the entire situation beautifully. He worked with the band to make sure they were able to play a couple of sets, but made sure to honor our request to keep people on the dancefloor (even if that meant cutting the salsa band time a little short to play popular music). He made sure he played every single song we requested, and he was an amazing MC - not easy tasks, given the fact that our minute-by minute schedule was completely blown out of the water with the power outage. You'd never know that we were "off schedule" from the way Eric MCed the evening. He made sure everything went smoothly and everything flowed perfectly.  


I would hire Eric again in a heartbeat. He is an amazing DJ, but that's only a part of what makes him worth every penny. Eric was able to 1) work well with the other musicians and vendors 2) roll with unexpected "disasters" with the utmost professionalism, 3) truly understand what we wanted for our wedding 4) deliver EXACTLY what we asked for (even given the crazy circumstances of our day), and 5) keep people on the dancefloor!!!!!!  


As the pricing goes, it really comes down to what is most important for you.  For us, the food and the music were the most important components for our reception. Our main goal was to put on a great party, where the dance floor was never empty.  We had a beautiful wedding - the ceremony was amazing, the food was amazing, my dress was awesome (if I do say so myself)! But given all that, I received the most compliments (by far) on the music. People are STILL talking about the music at our wedding.  Several people told me that he was the best DJ they'd ever heard. Even the catering staff at the reception site commented on how awesome Eric was (and they see hundreds of DJs)!  


Eric made the whole process easy, from start to finish. He was there throughout the entire process to answer all of our questions (in a timely manner!). He was organized and he worked with us to understand exactly what we wanted for our reception, and he was so darn good at his job on the actual day. I would recommend Eric for any event - 100 times over. It takes skill and experience to read a crowd and keep people dancing, all without being "cheesy." The peace of mind in knowing that you don't have to worry about your music is totally worth it. Not to mention, with Eric, you and your guests will have an awesome time on the dancefloor!!   



Heather K.








Eric - thank YOU so so so very much for making our day so special!! EVERYONE I talked to commented on how great the music was and how fabulous you were!


I am so glad you were part of our day - you helped make it a wonderful party and the most memorable day of our lives!










<Regarding the town-wide black out during Heather and David’s first dance…>


It was a crazy night and you handled it with grace under pressure and complete professionalism. I can't tell you how much of a relief it was knowing you were there for us instead of someone we just happened to hire based on referrals or a couple of conversations. H and I never once worried about how things would go, knowing that you were there to help make everything right once the power went out.


Also, one of my friends said she even over heard their waiter and the bar tender talking about how good the music was and how amazingly well you handled the situation. Not sure how far that goes but maybe you could even reach back out to Seasons if you had any interest in being a music vendor they would want to promote to their customers. Clearly you made a great impression on a lot of people that night.


Thanks again. We definitely need to hang soon and have a drink.


- David 








Hi Eric thank you so much for everything!!! We had a wonderful time and the music was just what we wanted. You totally got us. The crowd wanted more which is what we wanted. 


Sara & Seth







We loved every minute of the evening Eric. And not only did WE love what you did, but EVERYONE was talking about how awesome you were, Eric!! Your skills made quite an impression on our crowd. Thank you so much for all the work you did in preparation and that night. It showed!!


Thanks for making it so special.  Looking forward to keeping in touch.


The Wildes









Eric was one of the most gracious, attentive, and professional vendors that we worked with. We received not several, but dozens of compliments on our DJ - not just for the music selection and awesomely fun atmosphere he created for our diverse attendees, but also because of his warm personality and jovial interactions with our guests. It was truly a pleasure working with him; highly highly recommended!


Wedding: 06/07/2014

Services Used: DJ


We knew we wanted an amazing party, and that the DJ would make or break it. So -- we met with probably 5-6 DJs to find our perfect match. Eric was above and beyond anyone else we met -- his investment in our personal story, our personal taste, and our vision for our wedding was matched with genuine interest in getting to know us and teaming up to create an authentic, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind wedding. Eric was a calming presence in the frenzy of wedding planning -- a true professional who truly takes pride and pleasure in this work, who had the experience and confidence to pull off everything we asked and more without batting an eye. And to top it off, his amazing british accent is a lovely voice to hear on the dance floor! ;) In all honesty, we have already passed Eric's contact info to a number of our guests who were thoroughly impressed!



Wedding: 05/09/2014

Services Used: DJ


Eric is terrific. We are only sorry he didn't get to play more. With all the toasts and a multi-course meal, time flew. He played a great dinner set and when it was time for people to hit the dance floor it took little coaxing. Eric spun a great slection of tunes and almost all our guests stayed to the end - a great compliment to a DJ. He is also a lovely guy, easy to work with. I'm sure you would have the same experience.


Wedding: 10/06/2012

Services Used: DJ


Eric was amazing. I can't say enough good things about him. We met with him before the wedding when we started looking for DJs and he was the first and only DJ we met. We got a great vibe from him after our first meeting and just knew that he would be fantastic. 


We gave him a lot of freedom with the music, because we wanted him to be able to do his job well, and it was the best decision we made. He played music that had people of all ages dancing the whole night. Several of our guests came up to me after and mentioned how awesome our DJ was. Everyone had so much fun. 


I highly recommend hiring Eric to be your DJ, he is professional, responsive and just amazing to work with.



Wedding: 03/24/2012

Services Used: DJ







Hi Eric


Andrew & I are back from our honeymoon (Bora Bora was absolute Heaven), settling back into work, and already planning our next big adventure (Africa in May) :) We just wanted to reach out to you and say THANK YOU AGAIN for making our wedding day and entire experience such an incredibly wonderful time – seriously, you were the hit of the night. All our friends and family have been RAVING about your skills! The thing we wanted most for our wedding was for people to get up and dance, and you more than accomplished that… everyone loved the sets in between our dinner courses, the mash-ups, and they’ve all told us they’ve never had such a fantastic time. Your help with my mother and Molly singing also led to some beautiful moments we’ll always treasure :)


We’re going to be working on reviews this week for The Knot, Yelp, etc. and we were wondering if you’d like us to send you a copy for your website? Also, if you need anything from us in terms of recommendations, please just let us know. We couldn’t say enough amazing things about you – especially after showing up despite a hurricane! Thank you so very much for that…


We’ll be sending pictures along as soon as we get them (is tagging on FB also okay?) and we hope that we’ll have another opportunity to work with you in the future!


All our appreciation and thanks,


Melissa & Andrew 









Am happy to reccommend eric. Sooo many guests came up to me and could not believe how good he was and I am so happy my husband found him. Great music, we had everyone dancing all night. Eric actually recorded tiny snippets of the speeches and mixed them back to us. We kept hearing 'lucy' sprinked in afterwards during the songs. It was GENIUS!









We had such an amazing time at the wedding and the music really made it an amazing party.  You did such a phenomenal job, we've had so many people comment on how great the music was.  You really read the crowd and played the best music while keeping our taste in mind.  Please let me know where we can post an online review that would be the most helpful for people looking to hire you as a DJ.  I know we said it that night, but after seeing you for 3 weddings now I still can't believe how each one seemed to capture the personality of the individual couple.  You will be my recommendation anytime I hear someone is looking for a DJ.


Thanks again for the best night of our lives,









Hi Eric,


My name is Michael.


You probably don't remember me but my fiance and I are huge fans after hearing you spin at our friends Jason and Lucy's wedding a few weeks ago. You sure know how to energize a dance-floor and we have been singing your praises to all our friends ever since. 


Anyways, I just wanted to reach out to thank you for a wonderful evening and for inspiring Keisha and I to expect great things from our DJ when we get married in 3 weeks! We would absolutely love to have you DJ our wedding too but we are getting married in Anguilla and cannot afford to fly you to the island. But that said, we are wondering if you are spinning anywhere in the NY area over the coming weeks because we'd love to swing by and here you play.


BTW, I read your profile and noticed that you hail from Nairobi and London. I was born in London and have visited Nairobi twice. I actually do a lot of work throughout East Africa and Nairobi is a base of operations for many members of our team.


Well, I look forward to hearing from you.










Sridhar & I got back to NYC a few days ago & I wanted to drop you a line to tell you that you did a fantastic job with the music at the wedding!  We had a ton of compliments about it from our friends & we couldn't be more pleased.  I hope you had fun & were able to enjoy the quick trip to palm beach.


I had one question for you...the playlists for our friday night dinner worked so well & I was wondering how much you would charge to create a few of those, geared towards hip-hop/r&b.  I need new workout music & thought this could be a perfect way to keep me motivated.


Speak soon.









Eric Visa is the PERFECT Wedding DJ!!!



We hired Eric Visa to work our 8/27/11 wedding at The Four Seasons and we couldn't have made a better choice! Not only did he come through for us the night Hurricane Irene came to town - he has a truly amazing talent. The most important thing to us was that our guests were up and dancing through the night, and he put together a schedule that kept everyone on their feet. He has an incredible feel for the crowd, and his music selections were always exactly right for every moment. He also has a gift for mash-ups, and included all our special moments flawlessly (first dance, toasts, etc.). We have gotten more compliments on Eric than any other part of wedding - all our friends and family have made it a point to come up and tell us how he is the best DJ they've ever experienced and that the music/dancing beat out any wedding they'd ever attended. Oh, and did I mention that he has an awesome personality and is a blast to be around? Thank you Eric for the reception of our dreams - we hope to have an excuse to throw another party with you soon!!


Melissa K








From: Andy P.

To: Eric Visa

Cc: Rachel M.


Subject: THANK YOU!


Hey Eric,                 


Hope you had a safe trip back to NYC today. We just wanted to thank you again for your OUTSTANDING DJing during our wedding last night! Everyone continues to tell us how awesome the music was and your expertise kept the dance floor hot all night. We couldn't have imagined a more fun time at our wedding!

Thanks, again - you did a truly amazing job!


Best Regards,        


Andy and Rachel







From: Andy P.

To: Eric Visa


Subject: Wedding Playlist


Hey Eric,


Hope all is well! We're back from our honeymoon and slowly (and sadly) settling back into reality. We can't tell you how much fun we had at our wedding, in no small part to your skills - you've already been coined best DJ of all time by the majority of our friends!

Do you by chance have the playlist from our wedding? Figured that may tough given that you likely were improvising at points based on the vibe, but figured I'd give it a shot. We're putting together a book with all the blessings, speeches, etc and are hoping we can add a playlist page to the book.


No rush, but let me know when you have a chance.


Thanks much,









You, dear Eric, are a super star.  They were thrilled-and you did exactly what Barry wanted you to do. You played what HE wanted-AND you got them dancing.  We both knew the [client's requests] wouldn't keep them there on the dance floor-but I appreciate your handling it exactly as you did.  Had you started with your music-there always would have been a question on [the client's] end of whether or not [their] music would have been better.

Look forward to our next event together!


maria seremetis

maria seremetis events







From: Joe H.

Subject: DJ Mixes


To: Eric Visa                 


just want to say a big thanks really, quality mixes and vibin' music. i live in brixton, London an the mixes im downloading from your site are making faces smile over here.

respect and thanks from the community.









From: Mark Z.

To: Eric Visa

Cc: Marina S.

Subject: Re: my phone


The dance floor was on FIRE!!! THANKS ERIC! We are off to Maui now!









From: Michael S.

To: Eric Visa

Cc: Alyson L.


Subject: Re: Alyson and Michael Wedding Songs


Hi Eric -- we still haven't recovered from the epic dance party you threw us on Saturday.  The music was incredible, the energy was insane, and people are still talking about how they have never danced so much as they did at our wedding.  A million thanks from the both of us -- we couldn't have been happier with the way things turned out with the music.


Michael and Alyson







From: Kerry R.

To: Eric Visa


Subject: Re: This was inspired by your wedding playlist...


Hey! This could not have been better timed! We were at a party on Saturday night that was in desperate need of a great playlist and there was your email! So perfect.

The mix is amazing, as was all the music at our wedding, we got so many compliments and everyone had such a wonderful time dancing!

Hope you and your family (and all your stuff!) survived the storm, let us know when a good night to see you dj in the city will be, we'd love to come down!


Thanks again,









From: Dianne S.

To: Eric Visa


Subject: kerri Swartz's wedding


Eric, just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how wonderful you made Kerri's wedding. Your mixes were amazing and I never stopped dancing. Thanks for making my daughter"s special day amazing.


Diane Swartz







Hi Eric


You were WONDERFUL. I loved the sound snippets you recorded, lu... lu... lucy.... It was the I love Lucy show! SOOO many people commented on how wonderful you were, I could only dream that people would want to party on so long. Thank you for taking the pulse of the crowd and keeping the dance floor going on so long. I wanted to show our appreciation to you but we didn't get our act together to organize it. Let me know if you want me to send you something...


Do you have by any chance a list of songs you played? I want to make a mix so I can relive it and use it for the video.


Fantastic Eric, really. Thank you!











Eric Visa NYC event DJ is Named to the 2011 Wedding Professional Hot List


13 Jan, 2011 -, one of the worlds leading wedding websites, has just announced that Eric Visa NYC event DJ has been selected for the 2011 Wedding Professional Hot List.


The annual Wedding Professional Hot List recognizes excellence within the wedding industry, as determined by reviews from tens of thousands of brides and grooms. Eric Visa NYC event DJ was among the best reviewed vendors in their area in the past year.


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About Eric Visa NYC event DJ


New York City based provider of professional DJ services with focus on highly personalized customer-centric professional yet affordable DJ entertainment for your special event. Also available: DJ equipment & lighting rentals, sound reinforcement services, pro-audio systems consulting, corporate A/V Solutions, music & video post-production and editing services as well as custom music programming.


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Hey Eric, I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing job you did Fri night. Alana and I were beyond pleased with your DJ'ing and music choice. We will make sure to recommend you going forward to anyone we know. Hope we see/hear you again!







From: Justin& Alana

Subject: quick thank you!          


honestly I think my friends have said it best " i have never heard such great music at a wedding" you rocked. Thank you for everything I hope u had as much fun as we did!!!!!!!











I'm so sorry this is coming late but I wanted to get back to you about my birthday.  THANK YOU!!!!!  I honestly could not have asked for a better DJ, it was like you read our minds and played exactly what people wanted to hear.  The fact that the whole party danced the entire night made me so happy, people are still talking about what a great time they had.  Thank you again!











Hi there!


Congratulations on your engagement! Hope you have been enjoying the planning process... ;)

I would say that Eric did a great job. He's not about taking over the night or dominating the mic, which was great. He was nice enough to take requests throughout the night and kept his cool, even when people got a little rowdy toward the end. He has a great mix of music and got everyone on the dance floor, which is not an easy feat with some of the guests at our wedding. He's also very responsive on email, which became super important as more and more people got involved in the wedding. He really delivers what is important - a great night of music.


Any other questions, feel free to ask!

Hope this helps.


All the best,









My wife and I got married not too long ago and interviewed several DJ's in NYC before the big day. After narrowing down our choices to 3, we felt Eric was a guy who could bring something new to the table. He had an NYC look, spun at local events, and he showed how detailed oriented he was by providing us with his "project plan" to help organize not only the song choices, but the course of the entire event. After we met one more time, Eric was the clear cut favorite and we were anxious to see how the crowd would react to him. 


At the reception, he was dressed in a black suit and his set up and gear was very impressive. There was noting cheesy about it at all (sometimes you will have wedding DJs with a banner with the company name in front). We got a real professional.


The artists and song choices we provided were played throughout the night, but we left it up to Eric to mix them accordingly. I have to say, we never left the dance floor the entire night. The man can mix just about anything!! Eric even got some of the more timid dancers to get on the floor. It was unbelievable how many people that danced and had fun which in our opinion was the key to having an awesome wedding.



To that end, I have nothing but great things to say about the guy. He's an amazing talent and a great person in general. You are lucky to have Eric available for your wedding and I would book him right away before someone else does.  Please let him know we said hello.











Eric was the best! He listened to everything we requested...from our song requests to the overall flow of the party. We can't recommend him enough. He was wonderful and really cared about making our wedding special and unique. Let me know if I can answer any other questions!











We used Eric for our wedding in the Hudson valley in June.  Previously he was the DJ at [my wife’s] sister's wedding a few years ago as well as another wedding we went to.  He's excellent and we chose him even though he was more expensive than the [local] DJs we considered.  Looking back I'd say he was a great choice; we got more compliments about him than any other aspect of the wedding.  We gave him a short list of things we like to give him some sense of where to go but basically turned him loose beyond that.  But I think he will work with whatever level of guidance you want to give.  He has great skill at reading the crowd and keeping the energy going, but at the same time manages to be unobtrusive, so you don't have some cheesy announcer going off.  I think he knows how to make the evening flow, which is the most important thing.  His equipment is high quality and sounded great which is also important.  We had him do 3 separate set-ups for different parts of the event, and he was OK with that too.


Let me know if you need more info and best of luck to you two.









We would 100% recommend Eric for your wedding. He did such an amazing job reading our crowd that everyone was out on the dance floor immediately.  I mean everyone from my grandmother, to neighbor to bridesmaid. We met with him once before and got to know him and told him what music we liked and then we sent him a list of about 10+ requests and our first dance song and everything went smoothly. And while he is an incredibly talented DJ, he is also so nice and professional and isn't going to get on the mic and do something [cheesy]. He really will suit his skills to meet your vibe, which I don't think all DJs can or will do. 


Please let me know if u have any other questions. 


Have a great time!









From a planner perspective, I can tell you that Eric was easy to communicate and work with. He was self-sufficient, neat, thorough and flexible with the timing of things over the course of the event. He worked well with the clients and took care in his appearance.


From a personal perspective, he's a nice guy whose motivation is to make his clients happy. I'm not sure what sort of unique qualities you're looking for in a DJ for your event but I can tell you that Eric is one of the best ones.


I hope this helps.


Very best,


Lydia FitzGerald

Owner,Charmed Places

Wedding & Event Location and Orchestration




lydia (at) charmedplaces (dot) com







Eric made our wedding amazing!  He was referred to us from a few friends who had been to a wedding where he had dj'ed. We were very hands-off with him, and sort of just let him do his thing -- let him know what type of music we liked, but not much more than that, and his music choices were amazing.  I was told by friends that they had never been to a wedding before where so many people danced, and Eric had a lot to do with that.  I would highly recommend Eric for your wedding.


Best of luck!









Eric was AMAZING. I really have no complaints at all. He worked with us on song lists, gave us suggestions after we told him what style of music we were looking for, and he really went above and beyond. Wedding DJ's can be tricky. Most of our friends had bands but we decided on a DJ but were very clear with Eric that we were not looking for your typical cheesy wedding DJ. Ours was a jewish wedding so we worked with him on a Hora version that worked for us. We also had a bunch of people from both families in from Israel and it was very important that we play some israeli music. We went to Eric's house on a sunday night and brought over some Israeli dance music and he sat with us for a few hours listening and figuring out which ones would work/ When it came time for the wedding he mixed the Israeli dance songs in with american dance songs so flawlessly that everyone was dancing the entire night. It was truly amazing! Also, our first dance was to Adele's "to make you feel my love" and there was one line that did not really make sense for a newly married couple so Eric was able to edit it out flawlessly. He really made the wedding. We knew we had a fun crowd [and there had] to be good music for them to be on the dancefloor all night and eric made sure of that. We received so many compliments that Eric was the best DJ by far for any wedding our friends had been to. It was really great.


Let me know if you have any questions.


Oh, one more thing, I was a bit nervous about the acoustics at out wedding hall so eric actually met us there early on to get a feel for the space and was so flexible and easy to work with and definitely put me at ease.


Good luck!









I would absolutely recommend Eric as the dj for your wedding. He is a great guy with amazing energy. He is a fabulous dj that brings something special to every event. The one thing that I believe separates him from other djs is his ability to sense the mood of the room. He is able to choose songs and play music to spark the energy of your guests and he does it flawlessly. You won't be disappointed!


As for other aspects of your event, I am an event designer and I would love to help you out with any of your wedding needs. I just joined the creative team at surroundings flowers and events and would be thrilled to work with you on any or all creative aspects of your wedding. From invitations, to flowers, to escort cards, I can help you and bring your creative visions to life.


I hope my review of eric was helpful, and if you are interested in any of my services, please feel free to email or call me at 914-413-0136.


Best of luck and congratulations again!


Becca Loewenberg







My husband and I were just married at the end of June and [Eric] was recommended to me by my wedding planner who said nothing but good things about him. I would highly recommend him as he had the crowd at my wedding up and dancing the whole time. We gave him a small list of songs that we wanted played and he created a mix from there. It included a large variety of music as our guests were a diverse age group. He took requests from guests (your choice if you want to allow that) and was extremely professional. He did not talk a lot but that was something that we liked. I would consider him a true expert in his field and if I had to do it again, I would use him. I hope I provided some helpful information and congratulations!











It's my pleasure to provide a reference for Eric.  I thought his overall performance was spectacular and I highly recommend him.  At our reception, we started with a cocktail hour, during which he provided some loungier chill mood music.  We then went into a sit down dinner in another area and he transitioned the music into something just a bit more lively but still subdued.  Finally, we had three hours of dancing, where he really cranked it up and showed off his stuff. My wife and I were originally drawn to Eric for his mash-ups and we thought he delivered, mixing in 80s songs with current beats, laying down a hip hop vocal on top of a house beat, etc, which was important because we had both young and old out there and it felt like people were constantly dancing.  We had people praise our DJ afterwards, so that was a pretty good indicator of success.


In terms of bringing something unique to the table, I thought Eric was also a great MC.  We had some tricky Asian names to pronounce and he did all of them perfectly.  I also think he's got a cool voice and vibe.  He doesn't sacrifice any professionalism at the expense of hipness.  He provided all the sound equipment and scoped out our venue to ensure that the sound came through clearly, which was important because our space is apparently notorious for large amounts of echo.


Hope that helps your decision.  I know there are a great many decisions to be made!


Yours Truly,


Cliff S.







From: Monique D.

Sent: Monday, August 23, 2010 11:36 AM

To: Eric Visa

Subject: Re: Thanks again!


You made the party!!!! Everyone was talking about how amazing you were!


Thank you!!!!!!!







From: Cameron B.


Sent: Sunday, July 25, 2010 10:33 AM

To: Eric Visa

Subject: Re: Update - Final Request List



Thanks Eric! You were amazing! Everyone keeps complimenting the music. We can't thank you enough.


[You were] absolutely fabulous! We had a blast and the music was perfect.


All the best,

Cameron + Adrian







From: Darcy B.

Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 10:08 AM

To: Eric Visa

Subject: Re: Thank You!


Hi Eric


Matt and I are just waiting to board our honeymoon flight and we are still beaming with how fun and special it all was. Thank you sooooo much for getting the party started and making the night such a huge success. Everyone one of our guests were singing your praises. I think the sores on my feet and tears on my dress are testament enough to what a great time we all had dancing. One of my bridesmaids when commenting on her discheveled hair style said "I danced my hair out". 


Thank you!


Darcy and Matt







From: Jessica G.

Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 9:27 PM

To: Eric Visa


Subject: Re: Request


Hey Eric,


We are the ones that need to be thanking you! EVERYONE was talking about how great you were. We appreciate your style and creativity that got everyone out on the dance floor and kept them there. Ryan and I had so much fun!


If you ever need to give our contact info out to clients for a reference - feel free. We will recommend you to anyone!











From: Boyne

Sent: Monday, June 14, 2010 11:59 AM

To: Eric Visa

Cc: Amy J.


Subject: Re: Thank you!


Eric! We're about to leave for the honeymoon... Everyone was so impressed with your skills! There was no doubt you'd be awesome and you made the night exciting and no one stopped dancing! 


Hope to catch up when we get back in a couple of weeks...


Thanks again brother!


Boyne and Amy 







From: Becca M.  

Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2010 11:44 AM

To: Eric Visa





hi eric, thank you again for yet another amazing party last night! i really enjoyed your music as always, and i appreciate you working with a potentially challenging space. i think you have some new fans now too - everyone commented on how good you are!


hope you have a great day! thanks!









From: David S.

Sent: Sunday, April 11, 2010 3:00 PM

To: Eric Visa

Subject: Re: Saturday info...




Didn't get a chance to say thank you last night, but the music was great and everyone is still raving about it. I didn't get a chance to give you your tip. Please let me know how I can get it to you. Again, we had a blast.









From: Elissa and Jason H.

Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 3:27 PM

To: Eric Visa


Subject: Thank you!




Jason and I wanted to thank you so so much for Saturday!


We had a great time and everyone has told us how much they enjoyed the music throughout the evening.


Our guests loved the jazz during dinner and as you could tell from all the dancing, they loved the dance sets as well.


We really cannot thank you enough for our wedding so special.


Elissa and Jason:)








MANY MANY people commented on how great Eric was.  I think he really got a good feel for the crowd and the vibe and the music was spot on.  Really.  I can honestly say he is one of the best DJs I have experienced in a while.  Can't say enough good things.  Very professional.  Attentive.  Took the time to reach out and really connect prior to the party and was very responsive to questions and requests.  


I was just daydreaming about throwing another party and he was definitely part of the picture!  As an aside, we had a band at our wedding (5.5 years ago!).  They were good, but if I were doing it today I would totally have a DJ and would feel fabulous if it were Eric Visa.   Please let me know if you have any other questions.  I can't say enough good things.  


Sylvia F.







I thought eric was terrific. we hired him for a benefit in March. I'd gotten a reference from a friend who had interviewed him for a bat mitzvah, and hadn't hired him only because he couldn't provide a light show. We didn't give him a play list, we simply asked him to play '80s, '90s and more recent music. We had a mixed crowd, some 20-30 year olds and a bunch of 40 year olds, and he got us all dancing--all the same time, too.  i was impressed; a few people gave him requests, but for the most part he gauged the crowd's reactions and figured out what to play to keep people dancing. He was easy to work with in other ways. His contract was clear. He brought and set up all the equipment (the place we used had a DJ booth, so he didn't have to bring an entire sound system). I thought his fee was quite fair (he charges less for nonprofits, which we really appreciated). I have no complaints, only positive things to say.


Alexandra A.







Eric was great.  He really felt the mood and made the party. Everybody was dancing!  One of our guests even told us that she was going to hire him for her upcoming wedding.  He was completely professional throughout the whole process, and I have nothing but good things to say. 


Feel free if you want to call to talk in person!


Meggan W.







Eric, I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a good job at our wedding.  You read the crowd wonderfully and played music that was appropriate for every moment.  We got lots of compliments from our guests, and we also had a lot of personal "oh, I like that song!" moments.  Thank you for your professionalism, for incorporating our requests so well, and for just overall great work!


Please feel free to refer any potential clients our way -- we've got nothing but good things to say!









Hi Eric—


We're just back from a great honeymoon and wanted to thank you for making our big day so much fun! I don't think anyone noticed the volume restrictions and we've received nothing but positive feedback from the event. You were a pleasure to have on board and we thank you for being so professional, proactive and just plain fun the day of the event. Bob and I were extremely happy with everything!

I almost wish I could do all over again!









From: Sheri H.

Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 11:12:00 -0500


Subject: Re: DJ Eric Visa


We were very happy with Eric's work before and during the event. He's extremely professional and was proactive during the whole coordination process. He was a standout especially in this regard since my experience with some of the djs I spoke to was far from that.


He read the crowd at the event and played both the songs we requested as well as those he thought our guests would like. His expertise is in sound as well so we didn't have any issues with that. The venue where we held our wedding posed challenges for Eric from a sound perspective but he handled them beautifully. It was great to have someone who was strong in this respect for that very reason.


Overall he's very talented and dedicated to what he does. We really couldn't have asked for a better experience music-wise. You both will go into your wedding well prepared since he takes the time to put a timeline together of how the evening should go. Key songs were played when we had requested them and the evening went smoothly. This is clearly due to the pre-wedding preparation that Eric put into our event.









Hi Eric!


Jeff and I just got back from our honeymoon and wanted to thank you for doing the most wonderful job at our 4/26/09 wedding!!! Everyone was saying what an awesome DJ you were and our families were so happy with you as well. The whole day was perfect and that includes the music, so thank you SOOOO much!!!! Please feel free to use us as a referral anytime, it is the least we can do. Take care and we wish you the best!


Amy and Jeff B. :)







I have nothing but praise for Eric. He was the DJ for our April wedding in NYC and I seriously do not have one complaint. We interviewed at least 5 other people but I am so happy we chose him. He was extremely presentable, dressed nicely and was consistently accessible prior to the wedding, either by phone or e-mail. He was always quick to respond to any questions we had and i found him to be very professional in his style of Dj-ing. More specifically, he was not over the top, invasive or trying to run the show, but did what was asked, was respectful of other vendors, and guests, and played a great variety of music for all ages. His pricing was extremely reasonable for what i felt he added to our wedding. I do not have anything bad to say and i know my husband would agree with me as well. Hope that helps, if you have any further questions, feel free to contact me!


Amy Lynn B.







Thank you so much for helping make our wedding fun and memorable! All the guests had only great things to say about you and the choice of music.


My (our) family and friends LOVE to dance and that they did!! I will absolutely recommend you to any friend or family member who’s getting married. Your professionalism and friendly, easy-going nature was so appreciated and made the planning process enjoyable. Thank you again and hope our paths meet again ~ perhaps in the lower east side or at another wedding. Good luck to you and your family!


The Wilhelms







Eric DJ'd my wedding in December.  We had a very positive experience, and I would highly recommend him.


What impressed me most was how much time he was willing to put into working with us before the wedding -- both on crafting the playlist and talking about how the evening would proceed, as well as a sort of special project he took on for us:  we wanted our first dance to meld together two songs, and he spent several hours working with us to edit the songs together.  I think he did a great job at the actual event.  The intangibles of the wedding (the energy, the number of people on the dance floor) were all very successful.  His presence was low-key, and he didn't insert any "DJ personality" into the party.  He was completely professional in all ways.  The one thing I'd note is that, given a divergence between the playlist and people's requests, he played people's requests.  But I'm sure if you asked him not to let requests override the playlists, that's what he'd do -- it wasn't something we had discussed in advance.


Hope this is helpful.


Larry S.







I just got married in New York City at the Lighthouse on May 30th and used Eric as our DJ. He was FANTASTIC!!!! He was professional, super easy and fun to work with, on time, well dressed, very accessible, and the music...was out of this world!!! My husband and I wanted a professional and classy DJ that plays good music without all the typical DJ cheesiness. He catered the play list to our music style and the event. I thought his pricing was spot on. He did not have any issues with any of my vendors. I would hire him again and again. The people at our wedding raved about Eric and how good he was. I really do not have any negative things to say about him. Weddings can be stressful and If you hire Eric you will have one less thing to worry about because he is reliable and AWESOME! I planned my wedding on my own, so if you have any questions about anything, feel free to use me as a source of information.


Michelle M.



9/19/09 at Michael Anthony's Restaurant in Jersey City, NJ

Review by Michelle Arlotta – photographer

Retrieved on 9/28/09 from:

From: /


 "this party did not stop and the crowd chanted for more when the last song was played by dj eric visa. since donovan is a musician, music was really important to him and he said it was the hardest part of the planning. total success though! songs i hadn't heard in so long, mixed with popular songs, mixed with old school, mixed with classic... so much fun! i'm convinced eric visa could mix any songs you give him and make them sound amazing. now i've seen a lot of random stuff at weddings, but i've never seen a girl get down on the floor in a dress to do push-ups to the theme from rocky. love it! i was so inspired by the energy of their party, that i couldn't help but put on the rocky theme myself while i edited the dance photos...." 







Eric was such a great DJ. He definitely listened to what we wanted and played such a great mix of music. Not typical wedding cheese. Which is something we didn't want. Really great songs and mixed really well. People at our wedding kept commenting on how great the music was. Eric is not really a typical "wedding" DJ. He is just a really great DJ in general. He was really professional and responsive to all of our requests.


And he was also a great M.C. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a DJ for a wedding or any event!"


Christina & Michael



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