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Originally from Nairobi, Kenya with strong family ties in the UK, the Americas, and Asia, Eric has been fortunate enough to play in a wide variety of international settings and as such, has perfected his specialty of seamlessly weaving through multiple genres, styles and eras of music with every DJ set. As an internationally-acclaimed club and event DJ, Eric has, to date, had performance residencies on four different continents!


An avid event DJ utilizing some of the best name-brands in professional DJ and pro audio equipment, Eric has garnered some pretty amazing reviews for performing at numerous affairs including corporate events, conventions, loft parties, weddings, award ceremonies, benefits, galas, product launches, fashion shows, national tours and other similarly high-end affairs; with the utmost attention to detail in both sound quality, presentation, and professionalism.


On the club scene, Eric specializes in everything from chill-out lounge, down-tempo, deep house, electronic dance music, as well as a great mix of  both contemporary and old school hip-hop, soul, and R&B including all variations of adult contemporary, urban top 40, rock, pop, disco, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's classics, rare groove, big band/vintage lounge, reggae, jazz and more.


While having the ability to seamlessly transcend all the above music styles, Eric still heavily relies on his regular New York City DJ residencies to stay on top of all things new and trendy; all the while accommodating various guest DJ stints across the globe as the opportunities arise.


When not entertaining crowds with his tantric music mixes - or busy designing aurally-stimulating and borderline-orgasmic audio system environments in his spare time, Eric spends his days as a dedicated and experienced professional in the technology space overseeing various AV, IT, UC, telecommunications, multimedia, and most recently IoT projects for a multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products.


But who cares about all that? Seriously? Just click here  already for those fantastic DJ reviews or head straight to the DJ Mixes section and get blended!

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